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2015-09-21 10:33:05 : USA Dish

Recently Dish changed a lot of their transponders.

 These are now updated so correct working transponders can be downloaded into our meters.


 61,5 deg Updated

 72,7 are now all Turbo so no lock only signal quality

77 deg Updated

110 deg Updated

119 deg No change

129 updated




2013-09-24 04:47:15 : Maxpeak Broadcast Equipment AB

  Maxpeak was recently divested from Maxpeak AB. 

 The busienss is now traded as 

Maxpeak Broadcast Equipment AB

Box 58

780 67 Sälen



 With a frsh startt we are focusing on the new demands in the broadcast market. WE have jsut finished our new comapct range Pico. The frist product in this range CAM-Pico will be lunched soon.


2013-05-20 11:06:54 : USA Settings

  We have updated the settings for USA / Canada for the following satellites:

Dish 61.5 West

Bell 91 West

Shaw Direct 111.1 West


 Please download laterst settings for meter to work correctly.


 If you need credits, pelase email anneli@maxpeak.tv and she will provide thwese free of charge


2013-03-25 12:42:21 : New INDIAN Distributor

 "To strengthen sales, support and after sales service in India, Maxpeak has

appointed Sun Broadcast as its distributor for the Indian subcontinent.

Sun Broadcast has 5 sales and service centers across India. The head office is
located in New Delhi and regional centra are to be found in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai
and Hyderabad.

Please contact Mr. Vishal Nirula, head of business initiatives 

Phone: +91-98106 15550
Mail: vishal@sungroup.net"

2011-10-07 09:53:27 : Exhibition SCAT INDIA 2011 booth A-1(b) in Mumbai

 Please visits us at SCAT INDIA 2011 boothA-1(b) in Mumbai, INDIA the 13-15th of October 2011.


 We are showcasing our Satellite meters, SAM-plus and our new low cost solutiuon DVB-S2 (HD) meter SAM-lite2


 In addtion we are showing a flexible digital headend EXM for cable operators

SCAT India 2011 is India's Largest Exhibition Exclusively for the Indian Satellite & Cable TV Industry, Now in Its 20th Year, 13 - 15 October 2011, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, India.

2011-09-15 10:16:01 :

2010-06-21 16:12:28 : Updates to Dishnetwork (USA).


There has been some changes to 119 Dish setting (Dishpro 119) as well as settings for 1000.4 e.g. BR Dishnetwork 61.5, BR Dishnetwork 72.7 and BR Dishnetwork 77.
 Please go to www.maxpeak.tv and do new settings download to get working files for these satellites. If you have run out of credits, please email anneli@maxpeak.tv and she will add them free of charge.

2010-06-03 17:02:31 : Maxpeak AB (publ) new branch office in Potters Bar England

 Maxpeak AB (publ), have today 1:st of June 2010 opened a branch office in England.

 Maxpeeak AB (publ)

Unit 20

The Enterprise Centre

Cranborne Road

Potters Bar




Tel: + 44 1707 65 65 46

Fax: + 44 1707 64 87 05


2010-06-01 19:28:51 : Change to Anik F2

We have Updated AnikF2 (Starchioce / Shaw Direct) Setting On The Web. Please Go The Website Www.maxpeak.tv For Free Of Charge A Settings Download.

2010-05-01 09:22:56 : Participation at ANGA trade show, Cologne GERMANY 4:th ot 6:th of May.


Maxpeak AB (publ) are pleased to see old and new customers at the ANGA show, come and see us on the stand of our German Distributor: Polytron-Vertrieb GmbH on stand B40.

2010-04-01 11:58:54 : .newshead.1270116117

Please be aware that on the 1st April 2010 between 11.00am - 12.00pm ( GMT) our server will be down for essential maintenance purposes. We apologise to all our customers for any inconvenience caused.

2010-03-31 15:16:33 : New Phone number and conact details

Maxpeak AB (publ) have changed their contact details to the following:

Maxpeak AB (publ)

Box 71

SE 135 22 Tyresö


Tel: + 46 8 120 425 10

2010-02-08 11:28:45 : Maxpeak AB (publ)

As previously reported Maxpeak AB owns through an acquisition in November 2009 all rights to the Maxpeak brand name and their products as well as 100% of the shares in Maxpeak India Pvt. Ltd. All future business related to Maxpeak and its products are conducted by Maxpeak AB, Sweden. Maxpeak AB are pleased to inform all its current and future valued Customers that all warranties previously offered or provided by Maxpeak Ltd are now the obligation of Maxpeak AB. Maxpeak AB will also provide all future software updates as and when required so everyone can enjoy the full benefit of Maxpeak's signal meters. We trust this clears up any misconceptions in the marketplace. Jan Kallenius Managing Director

2009-12-16 12:39:28 : Maxpeak AB (publ)

Following a reverse take over in May 2009, Maxpeak AB, Sweden, acquired Maxpeak Ltd with exclusive unrestricted rights to manufacture, market, sell and distribute Maxpeak digital signal meters. From 01 December 2009 Maxpeak AB will take charge over all commercial activities related to Maxpeak products and after sales service as well as future product development. We will endeavour to minimize any inconvenience this could bring and we will do our utmost to make this transition as seamless as possible so that you will continue enjoying the benefits of our products and services. We will continuously keep you inform about any forthcoming changes to administrative routines etc. as and when they are implemented. We are looking forward to develop our mutual business relationship further in the future and we are hopeful that you will find these new arrangements satisfactory. Where an agreement or contract is in place, we will approach you shortly with a ‘Novation Agreement’ where Maxpeak AB as a party will replace Maxpeak Ltd. All agreed terms and conditions would stay the same. For day-to-day communication, please use the following contact details: Phone: + 44 1707 82 7997 Fax: + 44 1707 82 8080 Emails: info@maxpeak.tv Address: Maple House High Street Potters Bar EN6 5BS ENGLAND Should you from any third party receive any information contradicting anything stated in this letter please contact the people below immediately for full clarification; Jan Nilstadius, Chairman, or Jan Kallenius, Managing Director Maxpeak AB Jan Nilstadius, Mobile: +46 703 005 020 Jan Kallenius, Mobile: +46 700 544 074 Company details: Maxpeak AB (publ) Place of incorporation Stockholms kommun Company registration No 556672-9074 VAT Reg No SE 556672907401 Date of incorporation 2004-12-22 Address Box 71, SE-135 22 Tyresö SWEDEN info@maxpeak.tv Webpage www. maxpeak.tv

2009-09-29 07:24:07 : Dishpro 119 setting change

 On September 25:th the Dishpro 119 setting as well as Dual Dishnet changed, and we posted an updated setting.



2008-07-08 11:24:15 : Introducing the SAM Plus

MaxPeak proudly presents the new SAM Plus, which works with DVB-S as the latest DVB-S2 e.g. QPSK, 8PSK, MPEG2 and MPEG 4. [More information]

2008-06-18 14:47:29 : Maxpeak, making a BIG splash in India.

Maxpeak has since some time back established it's own office in New Delhi.
In a very short time our products have established us as the number 1 brand in India.

2008-05-26 17:24:11 : Anga trade show, Colgne GERMANY

 During 27-29:th of May, we will exhibit at Anga Cable Trade Show in Cologne, Germany. You can find us on our Germany distributer stand Polytron H39.

2008-05-17 08:47:07 : Dishpointer test of SAM

The Dishpointer site; www.dishpointer.com has idenpendently tried our SAM satellite meter. For a review follow this link:  http://www.dishpointer.com/2008/digital-satellite-meter/


2008-04-16 08:41:43 : Two New Articles at the Maxpeak Knowledge Base

Two new articles released at our Knowledge base!

  • With the booming DTH market, it’s important to understand what type of measurements one need in order to achieve the best installation result. First of all, we can read the traditional measurements as in the analogue days i.e. RF level and Carrier to Noise (signal to noise) CNR or SNR. The problem here is that RF level shows the received energy of the satellite signal together with other irrelevant signals in the air.

    Read more at : "New methods to measure digital DTH signals".


2008-04-11 07:49:01 : Free dishpointer / Dish pointing aid now avalible on the site

 We have added a new section Resources.

 Here you can found a free aid to find the calculate angles of satellites. Please go to http://www.maxpeak.tv/dishpointer.php

 This comes thanks to www.dishpointer.com


2008-01-30 09:22:00 : Distributors

A list of all Maxpeak distributors is now published at the Maxpeak web site, at http://www.maxpeak.tv/distributors.php


2008-02-15 09:17:59 : Updated product sheets now online

All product sheets for the CAM, TAM, SAM and SAMlite products are now updated and available in new versions at the site.

2007-09-13 03:56:25 : Maxpeak India Private Ltd opens office in India

 With Maxpeak's focus on the Indian Subcontinent, we are pleased to have open our own office in Gurgaon, India. Contact salesindia@maxpeak.tv

2007-03-03 10:50:53 : Maxpeak has opened their new headquartes in United Kingdom

2006-09-22 11:30:00 : Web site launched

Web site launched for internal beta testing!
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